Details for HONEY & TIKKA: Honey and Tikka are

HONEY & TIKKA: Honey and Tikka are one-year-old tortoiseshell cats who came to the shelter as new moms. Their kittens have been adopted, and the moms have developed a special friendship. They need to find a forever home where they can be together. Honey is sweet and affectionate and will greet you when you arrive. She likes both humans and other cats. Tikka is shy in new situations and is just learning to trust humans. She enjoys supervising whatever you are doing and will often sit and watch what's going on. The girls are part of CAT's Foster to Adopt program. This program allows adopters to try a cat in their home for 30 days before deciding whether to make the adoption permanent. Come and meet this dynamic duo today at the Sherwood shelter. Cat Adoption Team. 503-925-8903